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Our Handy Guarantee - Guaranteed Streak free, Crystal Clear windows!

Safe and Discreet - No ladders, 'reach and wash' purified water system


Easy - Contactless payment available

Communication - We message you the day before we visit

We are the Premier Service Provider in Hertfordshire and North London

Family business - Pride ourselves on our customer service and quality

Equipment for washing and cleaning the w

Residential Window Cleaning

We cover manor houses to terraced houses and high rise apartments. Whether you have 1 window that needs cleaning or 100, we are here to help.

We use a Specialised Van Mount System and a Mobile Trolley System so don't worry if parking is a problem. If we can reach you on foot, we can clean your windows!

Your booking comes complete with our Handy Guarantee, if your windows aren't streak free and crystal clear, we will return and clean them again at your convenience.

We operate our business based on honesty, quality and value. Why not join our 4, 6 or 12 weekly cleaning schedule?

We keep it simple, easy and affordable.

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Conservatory and Glazed Wall Cleaning

Has your conservatory lost its sparkle?

From a regular clean to a deep clean, we use professional techniques to deep clean your conservatory and glazed walls to get them back to there best. You won't believe the difference it makes.

We can also apply a protective coating to keep your conservatory cleaner for longer. We don't just give it a quick clean, we make sure we remove all of the dirt and grime that inevitably builds up over time and remove any debris from your gutters.

Prices vary on the size of your conservatory or glazed wall, get in touch to book a service for a time that is convenient to you.


Solar Panel Cleaning

It is really important to maintain your solar panels to make sure you achieve the best value from them.

Over time, dirt and grime can build up which can negatively impact the amount of energy they produce by reducing their efficiency. We clean them safely from ground level using our reach and wash system to avoid damaging your roofing. This removes build up and debris so that they keep producing the maximum amount of electricity possible.

A small expense now will result in a compounding saving over time from increased efficiency of energy production.

How to Book: Message/call us on 07464210758

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Gutter, Soffit and Facia Cleaning

To really frame your property and make it stand out, having clean gutters, facias and soffits is really worth it. They make all the difference.

We don't just offer cleaning services, if your gutters require clearing or unblocking we also offer professional residential and commercial gutter cleaning in Hertfordshire and North London too.

We don't use Ladders, cherry pickers, MEWPS or scaffolding. We do it safely from ground level using our professional telescopic vacuum and CCTV extendable poles. This means we can reach up to 4 stories, reaching over fences, walls, outbuildings and other obstructions to completely clear and unblock your gutters. This offers the added advantage of videos and photos to show your newly cleared guttering system once we've finished so you have piece of mind.


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