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We use Purified Water!

We have made a huge investment in our equipment and processes lately and we are proud to let you know that we now use Purified Water.

What is Purified Water? It is water that has been mechanically filtered to remove all impurities and contaminants.

Why is it so great? Through using this Purified Water, it means that your car and windows dry crystal clear without water marks and without us having to touch it! Looking at our Professional Valeting processes as an example, normally we would have to dry the car with a drying towel. Every time paintwork is touched, slight friction is caused and over time this causes swirl marks and marring on the paintwork. We thought about this and found a better way to clean your car and windows.....through using the purified water, we do not have to dry it, eliminating a large amount of physical contact with the paintwork so this keeps your car in its best possible condition for longer!

This also means when we clean your windows, we are able to use our professional telescopic poles so we can clean them safely from ground level. This maintains your privacy and the water dries crystal clear. It also helps to repel dirt so what's not to like?

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